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There is an organization comprised of former USAFSS people who served all around the world, wherever USAFSS had installations. It is called USAFSS Roll Call. Part of their program is reunions. Anyone who is a member can attend one of their reunions. Membership is open to anyone who served with USAFSS and there is no membership fee.

At the 2012 reunion, Onna Point alum Dave Shepard suggested that Onna Point alums join the Roll Call group and then use their reunions as a vehicle for Onna Point alums to continue to get together every year. One advantage is that we no longer have to go through the annual reunion arrangement drill. Everyone just signs up and attends the Roll Call reunion where we all get together and hold our own sub-reunion.

You can get an idea as to what the Roll Call group is about by visiting their Web site at Click Here To Visit The Site There you will find a link to another page where you can get the details on how to become a member. One requirement for membership is that you get a recommendation or endorsement from someone who is already a member in good standing of the Roll Call group. The whole purpose of the endorsement is to verify that the applicant is, in fact, a former USAFSS troop.

Jerry Stein and Steve Feit, former chairman and co-chairman of the Onna Point reunion committee, are both members and will arrange for anyone who is a bona-fide Onna Point alumus (i.e., is listed in the contact list on the 6927th RSM Web site) to join the Roll Call group. Contact either of us via the links below.


E-mail Jerry.
E-mail Steve.
E-mail To Both.

The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) maintains a site containing postings of hundreds of reunions coming up over the next few years.
To look at TREA's reunion calendar, CLICK HERE.

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