Thanks to Ray Thibodaux for getting the ball rolling and to Jerry Stein for making so many of the contacts listed here.

Anyone whose name appears in these lists has been confirmed as a former member of the 27th through either direct contact or contact with a family member. When shown, rank is that held while a member of the 6927th.

Whatever information we have about anyone on the list is available only to bonafide 6927th RSM alumni who have provided their information for inclusion in the database. Inquiries may be made on an individual by name only. In the interest of protecting privacy, no "fishing" is permitted.

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The problem with the program that generated the contact lists from the main database has been fixed.
While changes to the database have been incorporated when received, the problem prevented updating the list on the Web site.
That's been fixed and the run made on Dec 9, 2014 has brought what you see on the Web site current as of that date.
With that done, it's back to maintaining the lists at irregular intervals as has been the practice in the past.

Sorry about the inconvenience. Your patience is appreciated.
S. F.

To better serve the Onna Point alumni, we would like to make our database as complete as possible. When we first contacted you, we may not have been gathering complete information for our database. Also, things have a way of changing over the years and what we do have may no longer be accurate.

Here's what we have provision for in the database:

Mailing address
Phone number
E-Mail address if applicable
Your nickname if applicable
Your wife's FIRST name if applicable
* When you were at Onna Point (mm/yy-mm/yy)
* What rank you held while there (Amn, Sgt or actual officer grade)
* First 3 digits of your AFSC (WHAT YOU DID--202, 203, 292, 702, etc.)

Please take a few minutes to provide update info on yourself and E-mail it to us.

For those of you who aren't on the list but would like to be added, now's your chance. We only share the info in the database with bona fide Onna Point alumni who have provided info about themselves. So if you see a name that looks familiar, E-mail your request to us. If you are on the list, we will let you know what we have.

S. F.


As of January 1, 2014, the number of alumni in the list is 1,441.